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Make resolutions that work for you

Jillian: “When it comes to the New Year, people try to become an entirely new person. Think about it like rededicating you to yourself, to be the best that you are, and making the healthiest choice for you. You can work toward a specific goal but do what’s best for you.”

Kilene: “As a nutritionist, I’m often asked to give presentations on resolutions. What I actually end up talking about is rebooting what you’re already doing. How can you take your good choices just one step further, so they become life-long habits?”

“You don’t need to categorize foods as good or bad— they all fit in some way.”

It’s not about what you cut out

Jillian: “When customers ask me what they should cut out, I say, ‘let’s think about what we can add instead.’ How can I drink more water? How can I get more fruits and veggies into my day? What good habits can I do more of? You’ll automatically make fewer of the choices that are less healthy.”

Kilene: “Drastic changes like pulling out food groups can make us add them back in excess and feel guilty, which isn’t a good relationship to have with our bodies. You don’t need to categorize foods as good or bad—they all fit in some way. Just focus on bringing more balance to your lifestyle.”

“Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel at every meal, take a step back and think about your plate overall.”

Be realistic about what you can do

Jillian: “I’m a millennial. I love to hang out with friends and family. I always try to make healthy choices when I’m out, but I’m not perfect and won’t be in every environment. If you’re hitting the three buckets of protein, fiber, and produce, you’re on the right track.”

Kilene: “I work full-time and am a student in grad school, so life can be very full. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel at every meal, take a step back and think about your plate overall. You have your protein, starch, some type of veg, a healthy fat like olive oil or dressing, and water...that’s actually how we eat.”

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