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Luscious, creamy Galbani ricotta combined with a touch of lemon makes a tasty canvas for grilled zucchini, meaty prosciutto, and the pop of fresh basil. Add melted Galbani fresh mozzarella and light char from the BBQ, and you’ve got one irresistible slice of summer. 

A few tips for perfecting your pie: 
1. Choose high quality ingredients. Galbani’s cheeses are award winning and have been recognized around the world for their superior taste and texture. Pair with other delicious flavors at the peak of freshness for the most tantalizing slice. 

2. Start with a clean grill. Use a brush to scrub your grill grates thoroughly before cooking to ensure pizza doesn’t stick. 

3. Follow your nose. The key to perfectly charred, never overcooked pizza is a quick, two-step grilling method. If you smell scorching, uncover the grill and move pizza to a cooler spot or turn down the heat.  

Ready to get fired up? Serve your family the best with Galbani, Italy’s #1 cheese brand.

Grilled Summer Pizza

From the first cheese crafted in 1882 to the many award-winning varieties available today, Galbani cheese producers have never wavered from their commitment to quality. With time-tested recipes for Italian favorites like fresh mozzarella, ricotta, provolone, and more, it’s no wonder Galbani cheeses are enjoyed in more than 140 countries around the world. Whether you’re serving a summery Caprese salad, grilled cheese, hearty lasagna, or just a mid-afternoon snack, make it the best—make it with Galbani. 

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