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Savory Magazine January/February 2016


Chocolate-Covered Popcorn

Satisfy your craving for something salty and sweet with this recipe for chocolate-covered popcorn. Freshly popped and salted (or not) popcorn kernels are drizzled with bittersweet chocolate, and then left to harden into a chocolaty treat. Makes 2 quarts (8 cups) chocolate-covered popcorn.


Lemon chicken with zucchini

Get a head start on this zesty dish by preparing the chicken breasts and vegetables up to a day ahead. Next day, just preheat the oven, top with cheese and roast.


Kale, shiitake and pear salad with tofu-cashew croutons

You’ve never had croutons like these—but they’re bound to become a favorite. This is a vegan-friendly recipe.


Poached chicken breast with broccolini and sesame vinaigrette

A simple, flavorful meal that is perfect for days when you want something light.


Sweet Buffalo Shrimp

Worcestershire sauce and garlic combine with brown sugar to coat these shrimp in flavor. This simple recipe cooks in 20 minutes, so you can quickly throw it together before guests arrive. Bonus: The sauce can be used to coat chicken wings, drumettes or drumsticks just as easily for a versatile snack or meal.


Yogurt with pear and pomegranate

Once you try this delicious, good-for-you snack you’ll be inspired to come up with your own fruity yogurt creations.


Lentil salad with grilled vegetables and creamy feta spread

This makes a hearty lunch or light supper.


Artichoke arugula salad

Serve as a side salad with steak or roast chicken or mix with 1 can drained cannellini beans to make a light but satisfying main course lunch salad.


Quick and hearty turkey chili

You can’t ask for a simpler recipe. Even so, this chili tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen. Offer as many of the toppings on the right as you like and let guests gussie up their own bowls.


Philly Cheesesteak Burger

Sautéed mushrooms, onions and bell peppers top juicy beef, which is served in sturdy dinner rolls making them easy to eat. These are a treat for both kids and adults.


Light Spinach Dip

You can go anywhere with a good spinach dip. Block party? Spinach dip. Casual potluck? You guessed it: spinach dip. Serve with purchased raw veggies—your supermarket will have a wide selection of vegetable trays in the produce section.


Baked pepper rings

Love onion rings? Baked pepper rings are equally crunchy and delicious, but a little easier on the waistline. Dip them into your favorite pasta sauce, warmed in the microwave.


Cherry crumb pie

February 20th is National Cherry Pie day, just in case you need an excuse to make this easy, fresh-tasting treat.


Cherry-blueberry crumble

Do thaw the cherries, but don't bother thawing the blueberries before cooking. They'll cook more evenly this way. This crisp also good with frozen yogurt.


White Bean-leek soup with bacon strips

Bean soup is filling, economical and incredibly comforting on a cold winter night.


Italian-style franks and beans

Substitute your favorite sausage for hot dogs. If they aren’t already precooked, you’ll need to sauté them until they’re no longer pink before proceeding with the recipe.


Chicken & Bean Stew

With cooked beans in the fridge, this comes together in no time. The almonds add a nice crunch.


Slow-cooked dried beans

This is an incredibly easy, hands-off method of cooking beans. Usually you need to soak beans before cooking them, but with this method, you can skip that. This makes approximately 6 cups cooked beans, equivalent to 4 15-oz cans.

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