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Savory Magazine March/April 2016


Baked ham with orange glaze

When it comes to baked ham glazes, honey, brown sugar and pineapple seem to get all the attention. But after trying this super simple recipe, you'll have a new go-to dish for holiday gatherings. Delicious served with green beans or peas.


Rosemary-balsamic roast rack of lamb

Balsamic vinegar is the perfect match for lamb in this simple spring roast.


Strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting

This is the perfect snacking cake. And since it’s not too sweet, you can even enjoy for breakfast. Try icing only half and freezing the rest for later.


French bread pepperoni pizzas

Slices of salami stand in for pepperoni in these tasty pizzas. Serve for dinner or as a hearty after-school snack.


Steamed spring vegetables with toasted breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs with lime and mint add freshness and flair to spring veggies.


Spring baby potatoes with tomatoes and olives

Black olives and chopped parsley evoke the flavors of Provence in this country-style dish. If you’re short on time, skip peeling the potatoes. It will still taste great.


Spinach tortillas

A bright green variation on the basic recipe.


Flour tortillas

They may seem small, but these little tortillas are about the same size as those sold at taco stands all over Mexico.


Black bean, pepperoni and egg tacos

This is a great brunch dish. Substitute store-bought salsa if you’re short on time.



Mug quiches

This is the kind of recipe to keep on hand for days when your schedule is crazy or family members are eating at different times. You can assemble the quiches ahead of time through step 3 and then refrigerate, covered, until you’re ready to microwave them. They may need an extra minute or so if they are very cold.


Mezzaluna with peas and asparagus

This is a fresh and elegant spring dish that you can whip up in no time. Look for minced garlic in jars in the produce section.


Chickpea salad with sausage and snap peas

Chorizo is a Spanish sausage that’s a little like salami. Don’t use Mexican chorizo, which needs to be cooked before using. If you can’t find chorizo, salami or pepperoni are fine substitutes.


Date-chocolate-coconut energy bars

These are completely addictive. Because coconut oil melts at room temperature, keep these chilled until right before eating.


Fruit and nut energy bars

Tuck one of these easy-to-make bars into your backpack when you go hiking for instant energy.


Oven-toasted goat cheese and sun dried tomato sandwiches

Baking these cheese sandwiches is so much easier than frying them, plus it cuts down on fat.


Caprese salad bagel

Top your bagel with the classic Italian salad of mozzarella, tomato and basil.


Avocado-strawberry wrap

Berries, avocado, mango, lime and cilantro make this wrap a festival of color and flavor.

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