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Cookies from Around the World

No matter how, or where, you celebrate the holidays, one thing seems to remain the same: everyone loves cookies. From the fun of baking and decorating, to the joy of sharing and devouring with family and friends, cookies of all kinds are an international language of love.No matter how, or where, you celebrate the holidays, one thing seems to remain the same: everyone loves cookies. From the fun of baking and decorating, to the joy of sharing and devouring with family and friends, cookies of all kinds are an international language of love.


Holiday-Worthy Vegetarian Mains

Serving a plant-powered menu at the holidays doesn’t have to mean skimping on the delicious joy of the season. With fresh produce, herbs, and a handful of other flavorful ingredients, it’s easy to create mouthwatering, memorable, and festive vegetarian meals. These seven celebration-worthy mains are meat-free, stress-free, and certain to satisfy everyone on your holiday guest list.


7 Perfect Post-Holiday Comfort Food Recipes

You’ve pulled off a festive holiday feast, the tree, the decorations, the presents, and beyond. Now comes the coziest week of the year, when Santa’s helper deserves a menu that’s easy like Christmas vacation. Slip on your jammies (or stay in them all day), plug in that slow cooker or Instant Pot, and tuck into these seven comforting winter recipes with minimal prep and cleanup that practically cook themselves.


3 Out-of-the-Punch-Bowl Ways to Use Eggnog(with video)

Creamy, sweet, warmly spiced eggnog is a special treat that only comes around once a year. Make the most of everyone’s favorite seasonal sip by serving it outside the punch bowl. We’ve got three tasty recipes starring eggnog that are guaranteed to add a splash of holiday cheer to any menu.  


3 Ways to Cook Brussels Sprouts(with video)

Calling all Brussels sprouts lovers—and the self-proclaimed haters, too! We've got three tasty recipes that will make anyone a fan of the most controversial member of the cabbage family.


How to Make the Best Latkes

Crispy, golden potato pancakes are such a tradition at Chanukah, that they’re usually served on all eight nights. 


Nutritionist tips for eating well for less

Eating well doesn't have to mean spending more. In fact, with a little planning and a well-stocked pantry, cooking healthful meals can often cost less! Here, our nutrition experts share their advice for saving money while making better food choices for you and your family.


8 Ingredients to Make 5 Meals(with video)

Feeling short on time and short on dinner inspiration? We’ve got five quick and delicious dishes to break you out of your weekday recipe rut. The best part: they’re all made using the same 8 simple ingredients, saving you time and money at the grocery store.  


21 Simple swaps for your favorite family meals

Easy ingredient swaps make your family’s favorite meals better without giving up what they love. Some swaps might go totally undetected while others might make a dish even better. All are approved by our nutrition experts so you know you’re on the right path to meeting your healthful eating goals. 


6 New and Unexpected Ways to Breakfast Better with Jones

Looking to add hearty, protein-packed flavor to meals in just minutes? Jones Dairy Farm’s chicken, turkey and pork sausage, Canadian bacon and bacon have you covered with fast, flavorful bites perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in between. A handful of fresh, approachable ingredients is all you need for these six mouthwatering recipes, including easy, make-ahead meals and options that fit gluten-free and paleo lifestyles.


3 Ways to Make Your Meals Heart-Healthy(with video)

When it comes to the health of your heart, take a tip from our nutritionists and work from the outside in. A well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet can help keep your ticker going strong, and it doesn’t have to mean limited choices or bland, boring meals. We’ve got three simple strategies designed with your heart in mind to keep mealtime healthful and flavorful (the rest of your body will thank you, too). 


Doctor-Approved Tips for Heart Healthy Eating

Ready to improve your heart health? Dr. Lasya Gaur, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine, shares five small eating habits you can start right now that can greatly reduce your risk for heart disease in the future.   


5 Winning Big Game Recipes

Rooting for your favorite team doesn’t have to mean driving to the stadium and standing outside in the cold. With delicious game day grub and a few festive touches, it’s easy to be a superfan from the comfort of your couch. Put on your lucky jersey and get ready to cheer, we’ve got the play-by-play for easy, affordable game day. 


15-Minute Meals to Save Your Sanity

With work, school, and everything else happening at home  these days, it might start to feel like you’re running a 24-hour restaurant. Even for the most enthusiastic home cooks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or maybe even slightly burnt out. Savory is here to help you take a break, with simple, lightning-fast meals that don’t sacrifice flavor or nutrition. 


6 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Use Matzo(with video)

It’s just not Passover without thin, crispy matzo—and the inevitable question: what to do with the leftovers? While matzo ball soup is always a comforting option (like our classic Manhattan deli-style recipe below), airy squares of matzo are great in all kinds of sweet and savory dishes. From appetizers to desserts, breakfast to dinner, versatile matzo can do it all.


Your New Favorite Recipes

Drum roll, please! Here are ten new recipes we know you’re going to love. They're packed with your favorite ingredients, favorite gadgets, favorite fast cooking hacks, and more. Your current top ten recipes just got some new competition!  


How to Prep (and Cook with) Jicama(with video)

Crunchy, juicy, nutrient-packed jicama (pronounced hi·kuh·muh) is an unsung hero of the produce aisle. Technically a cousin to green beans, jicama is a root vegetable from Mexico available year-round that’s delicious cooked or raw. With a mild, earthy, slightly sweet flavor (think: water chestnuts) and apple-like consistency, it’s a great addition to salads, salsas, slaws, and grazing boards. Jicama also works as lighter swap for potatoes in baked and air fried recipes, and it’s delicious sautéed or boiled, too.


Can I Still Eat This? | How to save money and waste less

Keep, use, or toss? This guide will help you make sense of use-by dates, store for maximum freshness, and use less-than-fresh foods in new and delicious ways. Besides reducing your food waste, you’ll get the most for what you buy and make your grocery budget go further. 

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